Monday, 17 March 2014

From A young age I was drawn to the water! I wasn't one who really liked swimming in lans for competitions, so when I was 7 I started sailing! I was in the beginners class but quickly moved to the class 2 (out of 4) after I finished all the stage's of class ( 1,2,3,4) for basic learning, I started noticing how many boats I could actually sail. Total number, 23. All boats kind of operate the same way. But there I was intro-dust to Harry. Harry is a very good friend, he told me his uncle could windsurf. I didn't even know what that was, but from him I started to take lessons about a year and a half ago! Now I can do it without any lessons, and I do competitions with them too!! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

My name is jessie! I'm 14 years old and i'm sitting next to kevin and he's pretty cool. I live in russian and have since I was 33/4.All tho I live in russia i'm not from there all at, i'm from scotland, England, and a little Irish. I'm also Dyslexic, and have ADHD. Look them up if you don't know what they are.Im single and mingle. I love to dance and learn about people. My favourite colour is black because it goes with everything! When I was younger I wanted to be famous from writing a book! So lasted year I started writing the book I always wanted to write, It was about a girl and a boy being together! but its not published yet because i haven't gotten round to it:( 

I have two cats named tubs(girl,5 years) and Katya (girl,8 years) they are both russian cats! I love to swim surf, its kind of a passion, I can also surf a little too! When i'm older I would like to be a psychiatric to help people. But I mainly would like to job because I love learning and about other people and talking to people.